How to Convert mdi to jpg?

To open MDI files, the most commonly used software is the same software that builds MDI file extensions in the first place C the Microsoft Office Document Imaging (Part of Microsoft Office 2003 suite). However, if you are stuck with an MDI file format and you do not have the necessary built-in software from Microsoft, here is a software called MDI Converter that can be used to open this file format. This versatile software also allows to convert mdi to other formats. In order to convert a mdi to JPG you will need to have some image editing software to use. For example, 'MDI Converter' will help you. 'MDI Converter' can export multipage mdi file to jpg files as different names.

There are two steps to convert a mdi file to jpg files:

  • Open a mdi file with MDI Converter. Click 'Open' button and choose openning type 'All supported image formats', then find mdi files to open. Or you can double-click .mdi files to open directly.
  • Click 'Export' button, and choose 'Convert all pages to' or 'Convert current page to', then select '*.jpg' to save as jpg files.
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  • tiff to jpg

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