How to open TIFF files?

  • What Is TIFF?
  • TIFF stands for "Tagged Image File Format." While most images contain information such as dimensions and color formats, a TIFF allows the user to add such things as copyright information. This information is designed to take up as little space as possible. A TIFF can use the compression applied to JPEG images to make its file size smaller, or LZW (Lempel--Ziv--Welch) compression, which allows you to squeeze the size down and uncompress it later. A TIFF file can also contain multiple images. These are called multipage TIFFs and are popular for fax machines.Unfortunately, there is no standardized way to display a TIFF image, so it can look different depending on what software you are using to view it. We suggest you the 'MDI Converter' to view multipage tiff files as well as convert tiff files to other formats.

    There are two methods to open tiff files if you have installed 'MDI Converter':

    • Click 'Open' button and choose 'All supported image formats' to open tiff files in the folder.
    • Double click to open it directly when you find a tiff file.

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